Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Making Of An Engineer

Life at an engineering college is a mixture of sheer happiness and utter hopelessness ;-) The first days as a fresher are those of fear and anxiety. Seniors are waiting for freshers and you have heard so many stories about ragging. The intimidating look on the face of seniors can leave you with many a sleepless nights. All that change soon, leaving you with much less inhibition and even less money in your pocket ;-)).

You are enthusiastic about being an engineer, coz that was your life goal. You soon find that there aint anything much to get excited about. The classes are just as boring as they were in school and pre-degree days. Maybe even more... Then you start looking for alternatives to spend class hours other than listening to the blabberings of your teacher. The Labs are sheer pleasure when you sit back with great satisfaction looking at the girls in your group doing all the job and writing the Lab Record for you. Occassionally you will intervene to make some components vapourise by connecting the secondary of the step down transformer to where you should have connected the primary. The lab assisstants are glad that the CRO still works even though the bread-board is now a piece of molten plastic and metal. Having done your part to your satisfaction, you can now retire to just giving timely advices (from a distance).

Assignments are a big joke. You have a template ready that fits all subjects. Your girlfriend fills in the low level details in which you have no interest, after all you have that architect skills in you, even at that time. You always prefer to think in UML. Unfortunately, they dont allow assignments to be written in UML. Sad,but true.

The real trauma begins when the exam time comes. Not that you are spending all your time studying, but all the girls are busy with their studies that you dont get to see them much often. I wouldnt want even my enemies to be in such a situation. The study-leave is preparation time for your exam, and sure enough you spend it preparing... making reference notes in a microscopic scale so that each module can be fit into small papers that you can tuck inside your shirt. Quick references to these notes in the exam hall will help you pass the exam GRACEfully ;-)
Exams are not easy. Not surprising, considering th fact they are deigned to make your life difficult. And naturally you cant transcend all difficulties in the first try. "supplies" were invented to overcome this problem. Many a "supplies" will be required for heavy duty papers like electromaagnetic fields, digital signal processing etc. At home you will hold "out-of-syllabus" questions as being the culprit ;-))

You soon discover the engineer's 10 commandments of life:

1. Thou shalt study only during the preparatory leave.
2. Thou shalt never write thy assignments thyself.
3. Thou shalt begin writing thy journals only on the morning of submission.
4. Thou shalt treat all marks above 35 as bonus.
5. Thou shalt have at least 70 per cent attendance in the canteen.
6. Thou shalt pass GRACEfully.
7. Thou shalt always be an OUTstanding student.
8. Thou shalt give thy attendance without being present...PROXY pattern is ideal.
9. If thou can't convince them , confuse them.
10. Thou shalt start every sentence with a four lettered word.

Time really flies at you soon find that there aint much days left and your engineering college life is coming to an end. It is both a relief and a pain. All those people whom you have come close to and have loved will soon be gone. The college in which you always felt at home is going to treat to you like an outsider. But life has to go on and you soon start looking for a job very soon you realise that there will never be such good times again. Now, looking back, I feel that I should have enjoyed life as an engineering student more than I did and now all I can do is fondly remember my best days of my life..........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hated (still do) my College days. The only good thing I can say about those days that I met some of the smartest people I have ever known. Interestingly, I would like to live my pre-degree days once again.

BTW, tone down the MCP-ishness kiddo.


10/07/2004 03:25:00 PM  
Blogger PC said...

tone down the MCP-ishness kiddo
I will take that from anybody but you :p

10/07/2004 03:42:00 PM  
Blogger Vineeth said...

Even though I hated my college days when I was in college, right now I miss it a lot. Sometimes I feel that I could have done more (I know that I have done a lot) but still wanting more is a basic human feeling :-)

My only real regret is that I should have studied well. I got through without a failure but I know I could have done much better......

But then look at the brighter side....I am not doing too bad...except for a US chance ;)

10/07/2004 04:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Vipin Pillai said...

Well written PC..
My School/college days ..consistent record till 12th..after that i was told by one of my senior "Life is not just scoring marks " ! ....


11/22/2005 12:54:00 PM  

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