Tuesday, February 15, 2005

U2 snags 3 Grammys

"Vertigo" swept all three categories in which it was nominated at tonight's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles:

Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group With Vocal
Best Rock Song (songwriters award)
Best Short Form Music Video

U2 now has 17 career Grammy Awards. According to a Reuters article , U2, Alison Krauss and Ray Charles are now tied for 8th on the all-time list of Grammy winners.

Binil and Vineeth, see my post here, ;-)


Anonymous Binil Thomas said...

I am dissapointed with the Grammy committee - or was that a bad year for rock music.

I didnt hear the album throughly, but from what I heard, I _still_ think that its a rehash of Joshua Tree.

But maybe the takehome point here is that Joshua Tree is such a great album that even a poor copy is worth Grammies :-)


2/15/2005 01:48:00 PM  

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