Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Sultan of Swing

Yesterday Binil and me went for the Mark Knopfler concert at Palace Grounds, Bangalore. The croud was not as big as the Bryan Adams concert, but still was big. We got there by 5:30 but they still had not opened the gates, so we went to a local bar (if u can call that a bar) to get our spirits high ;-) (coz if you wanna run cool, you gotta run on heavy heavy fuel...). The show started at 7:30 itself, which was kinda unexpected.
Knopfler was in splendid form. He weaved amazing riffs - the magical moments most notable in Sultans of Swing and Telegraph Road. U cant have anything but the utmost respect for this veteran rock star who came to "show off his the guitar" (Knopfler's own words). Knopfler is no longer the young rock star that he used to be, but he is still the sultan of swing :-)
Unfortunately I was having a sore throat and couldnt enjoy the show to the fullest :-( Hope to catch him live some other time...


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