Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Strange Beautiful Music

Yesterday evening I went for the Joe Satriani concert with Tony, Rony and Jenson. Rony managed to get us some VIP passes so that we could see Joe from the very front. We reached the Palace Grounds by 5:45 pm and people were already standing in the queue for entering. We stood in the queue for half an hour before we found it was the wrong one :-)
VIP entrance was a different one and there was no queue there. Once we entered the stadium, we were really surprised to see that there were only few people. Tony was disappointed because Satriani is going to be disappointed when he sees the crowd :-D
A local band called Brahma played some songs before the actual concert started. They were not really bad, but recieved a lot of booes :-)) I felt that they were trying to be like Metallica a little too much, they could do much better if they try to have some identity of their own. As time passed by the crowd became strong and Tony was happy.
Satriani pulled a great show on the stage. He has this knack of making people go really wild and to get them very much involved into the show. I am making no comments of his amazing and unbelievable talent, the ads say it all - Joe Satriani, The God of Guitar. For the uninitiated it would be good to know that Joe Satriani has had 11 Grammy Nominations, 11 solo albums and millions of record sold world wide and has taught guitar to Kirk Hammet (Metallica) and Steve Vai.
All in all, the show the excellent and a memorable event for all of us. I am sure the guitar sales is going to be higher this week in Bangalore :-)


Anonymous Binil Thomas said...

Clapton is the God! :-)

I am glad that you guys enjoyed the show. Pity that I missed it cos, ironically, I am in Satriani's homestate.


5/18/2005 08:18:00 PM  

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