Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weaving a web

Last week I bought a domain name and some webspace hosted by delta webhosting. They have some good deals and if Vikas Sasidharan is to be believed, they are pretty reliable too. I intend to build the site by using only a text editor, i.e. no WYSIWYG tools. I had used Dreamweaver in the past, and its a very good tool. But by relying on that, i didnt learn anything new. So I decided on learning HTML and probably PHP (since they support only PHP) to build my site. I think most of the content will be related to programming, but I may also move my blog there (or maybe just a mirror). I also plan to give some space for my friends so that they can host their resumes or write some articles or something like that.
Please visit
http://www.pradeepc.net [if you have nothing else to do ;-)]


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